Lise supplied large amounts of foam



Snow with powder frost on ground and trees

Flower stands

Rune built two full size flower stands for Avinor's Air France campaign

Company party

Fiksern and the stunt group provided a short show with pyro, gunfights and stunts



Barry did rain and wind

Se og Hør – Olympics-special

Otto and Gunnar set fire to Thomas and Harald for a photo shoot

Company short film

Barry provided weapons and smoke effects

Hotel Cæsar

Andreas was a day on set with weapons and Tyrone and Pål Morten secured actors on a ladder.

Rosa Armageddon

Pål Morten, Andreas, Sukesh and Lise provided various SFX and safety during the whole production, and Otto coordinated a stunt.

Don Giovanni

Andreas was armourer for The Norwegian Opera's production Don Giovanni in 2014. We have also fitted a larger pneumatic rig to make an illusion of bullet hits in the wall.

Lilyhammer 3

Thomas and Gunnar did a fight scene and Pål Morten drove low-loader. Fiksern also delivered snowsticks, guns and squibs to the production.

Kampen for Tilværelsen

Lise made snow on several locations and Otto did stunts and stunt coordinating

The Heavy Water War

Fiksern provided weapons and various effects throughout the shooting period in Norway. Pål Morten, Andreas, Jim and Barry worked with weapons and SFX, and Otto coordinated a stunt

The Wave

Rune, Andreas and Pål Morten made ​​smoke and various special effects. Pål Morten also drove low-loader and Andrew was a grip assistant.


Anna showed different stunts and coordinated the host, Line Jansrud.

Letter to the King

Pål Morten and Tyrone was stunt coordinators


Lise and Kent made fake snow indoors

Constitution Anniversary

Pål Morten and Kent controlled the fire in a car and fired several pyrotechnical effects matching a music piece


Pål Morten traveled to Trondheim with a flamethrower, squibs and several other effects

Vi er Spar

Lise and Kent fired off pyro effects during a award ceremony and concert

Home & Cottage

Lise, Pål Morten and Kent made snow

Dritseint med Edel

Torsdag Kveld Fra Nydalen

Art and Culture Week

Statens Vegvesen



A kettle with window for filming boiling food

I Kveld Med Ylvis

Otto and Kent helped Ylvis catch people in a net