The Snowman

The trailer for last years greatest project is finally here! After three months of snow, sweat and tears, we're proud to introduce the trailer for The Snowman.

Coop Extra – Christmas 2016

On a cold, grey and wet day in November, Rune and Mathias were shipped out to help create the perfect christmas feeling. The result? Have a look.

Curious? – AF Gruppen

Andreas helped One Big Happy Family create some magnificent winter scenes in this promo video for the Norwegian company 'AF-gruppen'.

Human Canonball

Otto coordinated Håvard Lilleheies human canonball stunt

Kirkens Nødhjelp

Trio 3




We made a wire rig for the bike, and provided smoke and wind


The Fjords – All In

Pål Morten visited Helmet Films in Trondheim, and assisted them with some explosions for the music video for the song "All In" by The Fjords.

Julekongen – Full Rustning

The King’s Choice

The Night Race

Heavy Water

Gilde – Velbekomme


Briskeby – Rookie Mistakes



Lise did confetti and rain

Don Giovanni

Andreas was armourer for The Norwegian Opera's production Don Giovanni in 2014. We have also fitted a larger pneumatic rig to make an illusion of bullet hits in the wall.


Snow with powder frost on ground and trees

Lilyhammer 3

Thomas and Gunnar did a fight scene and Pål Morten drove low-loader. Fiksern also delivered snowsticks, guns and squibs to the production.

Home & Cottage

Lise, Pål Morten and Kent made snow

Flower stands

Rune built two full size flower stands for Avinor's Air France campaign

Årsrevyen – Promo

Kampen for Tilværelsen

Lise made snow on several locations and Otto did stunts and stunt coordinating

Company party

Fiksern and the stunt group provided a short show with pyro, gunfights and stunts

Dritseint med Edel

I Kveld Med Ylvis

Otto and Kent helped Ylvis catch people in a net


Gunnar runs over a narrow roof