Weapons and bullet hits

Fiksern have a large weapon library with many different types of weapons for use in film, television, theater, events and other areas. We also have different effects that can simulate several kinds of bullet hits.


Fiksern AS have a wide selection of weapons available for rent. For security reasons, we do not want to have these weapons visible to all, but rather have a closed weapon library where people can apply for access. By filling out the form at the bottom of this page, giving information on who wants access and for what production the weapons will be used. On these pages you can sort weapons by manufacture, country, type and ammunition type.

If weapons or bullet hits are to be used in an area that is not completely closed off to the public, a permit is required from the local police before handing over weapons. Movie Weapons (weapons that can fire ammunition, blank ammunition or muzzle flame) are only rented out with an armourer from us. Our representative is responsible for weapon security at the location, during transport and storage during the entire production.

Bullet hits

The most common effect of bullet hits is using squibs. A squib is a small explosive effect that can be used to generate mechanical force, as well as providing visual, pyrotechnic effects both in films and live play. A squib creates a considerable amount of energy, and can therefore be used for breaking or destruction of many different materials. The effect can be used for bullet hits on people with clothing, soil, sand, snow or on walls and other materials. The effect is often used along with a small bag of blood or dust, or a small sponge to simulate shattered bone and tissue. This effect can not be used if the bullet hit are supposed to hit directly on skin.

Large amounts of bullet hits in sand, soil or snow can also be simulated using different compressed air rigs.

When bullet hits directly on skin is needed, such as the forehead, we have special equipment that shoots blood capsules.

Weapons library

Application form for accessing our online weapons library

  • The person who is applying for access