With extensive experience in pyrotechnics and a large stock of effects, we are well equipped to solve any task requiring pyrotechnics. We can make all sorts of effects, from a small spark in a lamp to large explosions in buildings and cars.

Our pyro technicians are all certified and have experience from concerts, theaters, television, film and events, and have good safety routines when working with pyrotechnics. In addition to a wide selection of pyro effects, we also have flame jets and several types of firing systems for rental to professional users.

All projects using pyrotechnics requires permission from the fire department in the local municipality. The different municipalities treat such applications differently, and can use everything from two days to several weeks to process an application. The sooner we are notified and can apply for permission, the better it is for us, the fire department and the customer.

We have our own insurance coverage for this type of work and always ensures to bring proper safety equipment.

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Stage pyrotechnical course

From 1.1.2012 it is required a certificate issued by The Norwegian Fire Protection Association for all stage pyro technicians. To get the certificate you must implement The Norwegian Fire Protection Association’s course for stage pyro technicians and pass the exam.

The Norwegian Fire Protection Association’s website.

More information and dates for the next course can be found at The Norwegian Fire Protection Association’s website.

Stage Pyrotechnical Course The link will open in a new tab, and is only in norwegian.

Special effects course

Fiksern AS would like to see more people working with heavier special effects in a proper manner and therefore holds a special effect course. The requirement for the course is the stage pyrotechnics certificate as there is no theory on this course. We expect that participants have sufficient knowledge about security and risk analysis.

The content of this course covers, among other bigger pyrotechnic effects (the 600-effects from Smålands Krutbruk), large wind and smoke machines, weapons and bullet hits. The course runs over three days and it all ends with a blasting assignment as an exam.

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