We have more than 40 different types of “movie snow” based on plastic, paper, polymer, pyrotechnic solutions, foam etc. We also have a lot of machines that can get these materials to look like a settled snow cover, falling snow, frost, ice and much more.

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We are proud to be the Norwegian dealer for Snow Business. This company is represented in a network of countries around the world with headquarters in England. They have an incredibly extensive system for production of snow, ice and frost special effects in film, theaters, visual merchandise and events.


Settled snow cover

SnowCel paper snow – fire resistant or chemical free

This product is one of the most commonly used types of fake snow, whether it’s background areas, tire tracks, footprints or snowball fights. Available in two different types, chemical-free for outdoor sets and fire resistant for indoor sets. The chemical-free version is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. There are two different flake sizes that are often used together, half size and full size.

It is possible to add SnowCel on small areas by hand, but larger areas will get a better result using special equipment operated by our technicians. To make clearing easier and to protect sensitive sites, a snow membrane is often used as a protective base.

1 bag of SnowCel will cover approximately 10 square meters with 1 cm snow.


Fast to lay, easy to remove and environmentally friendly. A fine white cellulose fiber, perfect to simulate frost or light snow on outdoor scenes. Can also be used to cover large background areas. This product can withstand close-up shots extremely well and on structured surfaces or grass and plants, it looks like real frost down to the smallest detail. Ideal for situations where time is a factor then it can be quick and simple flushed away after shooting. This product is very sensitive to rain. Can be applied by hand in small areas, recommended that mechanically by our engineers for major jobs. Contains 99% pure cellulose from wood pulp, paper pulp with 1% water.

One bag of 20 kg covers approximately 100 square meters of frost or background snow.

SnowEX foam snow

Fast to lay, inexpensive, easy to remove and suitable for background snow. Not suitable for details on buildings objects, or foreground action. Foam is self clearing, but cannot be used close to water and can casuse temporary yellowing of foliage. Can make the surface slippery.


Display snow plastic snow

A very realistic, fire resistant og antistatic type of snow. Great to simulate powder snow, and also perfect for visual merchandise, events and private parties. It is well suitable for close ups and is easy to handle.
It is available in several different flake sizes, and one box will cover approximately 7 square meters with 1cm of snow.

Polymer snow

A form of powder that expands up to 40 times it’s original size when mixed with water. Creates a very realistic settled snow cover and has been designed to simulate free flowing high altitude powder snow. It is normally used as a top dressing over SnowFX to improve footprint detail and more realistic ‘pick up’ on clothing in extreme close up shots. It is also an ideal material for ‘pack shots’ as it can be mixed in a variety of ways to create different effects.

500 gram of powder will cover approx. 5 square meters with 1cm of mixed snow.

Snow membrane

A synthetic fabric that comes in wide rolls and is a quick and easy alternative to white out large background areas. It can also be used as a protective base on sensitive sites and makes clearing easier.

Falling snow

Foam snow

Foam provides a nice falling snow that is self-clearing, biodegradable and non-toxic. The foam flakes are three-dimensional and when generated using a Snowboy-machine, they are well suited for close-ups. Can be used both indoor and outdoor, but can make surfaces slippery.



A candle sized firework which generates a very light falling snow that will follow the wind. It is possible to adjust the size of the snowflakes and is easy to use after a short training session with one of our technicians. Outdoor use only.


Frost and ice

Powder frost

Powder frost is a micro-fine white cellulose powder that creates a beautiful winter landscape. On trees, grass, soil and other textures, it looks like a frost coating, while on solid surfaces such as roads and buildings it looks more like light snow. A more permanent coating can be obtained by spraying with water before use. This product is very sensitive to rain. This is a totally biodegradable product, made ​​of wood.


Melted wax that is sprayed on different surfaces and objects with a machine to give a realistic impression of real frost. It can also be used on textiles, but is not possible to get off.

We have several times contributed on shoots where people are supposed to fall through the ice on lakes etc. This is done by filling a container with heated water, then add melted wax on the surface of the water. When the wax hardens it creates a realistic ice cover, which can be broken through in order to get a dramatic effect.

In addition to all of this we also have 35 m² of ice skating rink, icicles and several types of frost effects on spray.

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