The LLB Exhibition 2015!

The Sound, Light and Image Exhibition at Telenor Arena is approaching!

February 25th to 27th, we will participate in the LLB exhibition at Telenor Arena. We’ll have products and machines from several companies, including Le Maitre, Snow Business and Dirty Down at our stand. Hopefully we will also be able to have a range of sealed and prop weapons available. One of our main suppliers of pyro and smoke machines, Le Maitre Pyrotechnics & Special Effects, will have a representative from their headquarters in England at our stand.

Also with us at the stand, we have representatives and equipment from MovieBird Norway, so feel free to stop by and check out all the cool stuff they can offer in cranes, gyro stabilized camera heads, grip systems for cars and more!

We look forward to meeting many familiar and new faces at this year’s exhibition, and we will have an EXHIBITION OFFER on all products and equipment from Snow Business, Le Maitre and Dirty Down during all exhibition days!
Anyone ordering or buying anything from these vendors via our exhibition stand will get 20% discount on their purchase!

Check out for more information and registration, entry is FREE!

Ps: Our office in Jar will remain open as usual all days 🙂