Gunnar Brøntveit

Gunnar studied at International Stunt School in Seattle and has worked with stunts since 2000. He got into diving as a 10-year old in 1991 and has several medals from Norwegian Championships, and has participated in Nordic and European championships. In addition to being a stunt man he's an actor, musician in the band The Yum Yums and is currently working on a bachelor degree in child welfare.  
Height177 cm
HairDark Blond

Licenses and Qualifications

  • Acrobatics
  • Actor
  • Body Burn
  • Car hits
  • Diving
  • Diving PADI Open Water
  • Drivers License Class B
  • Fire Breathing
  • High-Fall
  • Safety
  • Ski
  • Stage pyrotechnics certificate
  • Stair falls
  • Stunt work with children
  • Trampoline

Previous Jobs

VolvoShort FilmActor, Stunt2014
Se og Hør photo-shootStill PhotoFire, Stunt coordinating2014
Company partyEventStunt2014
Lilyhammer 3TVStunt2014
Choice HotelsEventStunt2013
Norway's Got TalentCommericalFire, Stunt2013
Verdens Beste SFO 2TVSafety, 2012
Hockey-VMCommericalActor, Safety, Stunt2012
Kristian And og BombehoppkonkurransenEventActor, Pyrotechnics, Stunt2012 - 2014
Lilyhammer 1TVStunt coordinating2011
The SpiralTVSafety, Stunt coordinating2011
Curling KingFeature FilmSafety, 2011
SkanskaShort FilmActor, Stunt2010
The Liverpool GoalieFeature FilmStunt coordinating2010
Telenors KulturprisEventStunt coordinating2010
De UkjenteTVStunt2009
HiddenFeature FilmStunt2009
Olsenbanden Jr. og Mestertyvens SkattFeature FilmStunt2009
Max ManusFeature FilmStunt2008
Cold LunchFeature FilmStunt2008
Varg Veum - Sleeping BeautyFeature FilmStunt2008
Ut i Vår Hage 2TVActor, Stunt2007
Lille NøtteaftenTVStunt2007
BI - Ikke Bli en LettvekterCommericalActor, Stunt2007
O'HortenFeature FilmStunt2007
Svein og Rotta og UFO-mysterietFeature FilmStunt2007
SonsFeature FilmStunt2006
Kalde FøtterFeature FilmStunt2006
RepriseFeature FilmStunt2006
Hotel CæsarTVActor, Stunt2005-2008
Olsenbanden Junior på CirkusFeature FilmStunt2005
Finding FriendsFeature FilmStunt2005
LimboShort FilmStunt2005

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